Friday, January 26, 2007

Photo Shoot

Dear wedding blog,

Have you ever heard of Craig's List? Aaron and I are thinking that we need to give Craig's List a mention in our program or something because we use Craig's List ALL THE TIME. Let's see...we found our photographers from there, we got Red Hot Chili Pepper tickets from there, I found my apt there, Aaron got his job from a posting on Craig's List...and the list goes on. In short, Craig's List is the bomb. So one day Aaron was perusing Craig's List and he read a posting about a young photographer offering her photogging services for free to a young, newly engaged couple and in exchange she would be allowed to put our pictures up on her site so she would have more for her portfolio. Well, we being a young, newly engaged couple (and we think we're very very good looking) decided to offer up ourselves. Well we never heard back from her, we were sad. But day she emailed us back!!!! So we set up a day and time to meet Uptown and do a photo shoot. We had to look urban and chic, and we walked around Uptown for a couple hours taking random shots. I'll have to admit I was a little nervous and stiff for the first few minutes of the shoot. I always thought that I should be famous and have the stalkerazzi following me, but now I'm having second thoughts. I was very self consious of what she and others were thinking of me, but Aaron helped me calm down. He was a ham in front of the camera, enjoying every minute of it. We really liked her and we would recommend her to all of our friends and family! Her name is Amy Martin and you can check out her site at Alright, good night blog.



Anonymous Moo said...

You two are the best looking engaged couple ever! You do my heart good!! xo, moo

3:44 AM  

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